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Jewelry Natural Color Gemstone Bracelet For Women

Jewelry Natural Color Gemstone Bracelet For Women

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Product information:
Type: Bracelet
Treatment Process: Polishing
Color: Picture color
Material: Topaz Garnet olivine yellow crystal powder Topa diopside

1: Are the ring holder, pendant holder, and chain made of pure silver?
Kanran's ring holder, earring holder, pendant holder, and silver chain are all made of international standard 925 silver.
2: Is 925 silver pure silver?
925 silver generally refers to silver products with a silver content of about 92.5%, and 925 silver is commonly referred to as standard silver.
Due to the high purity of silver, which is soft and easily oxidized, 925 silver is added with 7.5% of other metals, giving it ideal hardness and better performance
Shaping, inlaying various gemstones, and producing silver products with diverse shapes. Baidu Baike
3: Is 925 silver easy to change color? What should I do if I change color?
The silver discoloration you mentioned should mean that silver is oxidized, because silver reacts with sulfur in the air to form black Silver sulfide.
If it has already oxidized and turned black, you can:
A. Clean with silver washing water
B. Wipe with a silver cloth (recommended)
C can also be brushed with a soft bristled brush dipped in toothpaste, and after washing, it should be wiped dry with a cotton cloth,
4: How long does 925 silver usually change color?
It depends on one's physical condition and usual maintenance methods
5: Maintenance of silver jewelry
A: Do not wear sterling silver jewelry while soaking in hot springs or playing at the seaside
B: Try not to wear it when exercising or sweating heavily
C: A good maintenance method for silver jewelry is to wear it every day, as human body oils can produce a natural and warm luster for silver

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Necklace * 1 piece

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